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Every little bit counts

Your generosity helps us create a ripple effect for sur-THRIVERS.

Love Life Now Foundation (LLN) started out as a New England based organization and has since evolved into an international awareness arm, centered on domestic violence (D.V.) education. D.V. is a worldwide epidemic and LLN will continue to raise awareness around the issue, globally, and offer direct financial assistance to those fleeing with your tax-deductible donation.

LLN Tax ID: 45-3580292

You Make A Difference


For someone fleeing for 
4 days.


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New sheets and pillows for a sur-THRIVER transitioning to or from DV shelter.


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For homeless DV survivors via our Homeless Brown Bag and Care initiative.


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DV Awareness at Schools

Education for high school students around dating violence and healthy relationships.


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Emergency Stays

Ensure a survivor has a safe place to stay for up to 3 nights at a hotel, if there is no immediate space at DV shelter.


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Donate Any Amount

Any amount you donate will help further LLN's year-round, DV awareness efforts.


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Love Life Now Foundation (LLN) is a global awareness and education organization that supports survivors of domestic violence through year-round initiatives and direct assistance to domestic violence programs.

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